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OziRoo Pty Ltd – the Next Step in the Evolution of Solar Power!

With over 80 years experience in the signage industry and a successful outdoor media, signage and lighting company, the founders of the Australian based company OziRoo Pty Ltd became aware of a significant void in the OOH industry.

Necessity and opportunity.

Over 11 years ago, they were in negotiations for the rights to install a large billboard on a major highway in their local city of Brisbane Queensland.

As they put together their budget for the development, they discovered the cost of getting the power to the sign was incredibly expensive.

The two key expense were because of the distance from the grid supply and the method required for the installation (underground).

Then there was the cost of buying, installing and maintaining the lights coupled with the ever-increasing running cost of electricity. For the significant outlay that was required to have grid connected illumination, they felt that maybe there was a more cost effective method available. So started the quest for the holy grail of billboard illumination.

They looked at several methods of power supply and quickly decided that solar was the preferred option. A well known fact in the industry is that good quality illumination is difficult at the best of times however it was a serious problem when it came to battery powered lights. After years of research and advice from experts, none of which made any sense to them, they decide to develop their own.

The key criteria in the development of the OziRoo Solar Lighting System was to provide constant brightness and even distribution of light across the face of the sign.

Unlike other attempts at solving the problems, OziRoo was to be compact, aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. From an installation point of view, it was to be plug and play and thus easy to install. Operationally the lights would need to run for at least 2 nights without requiring additional charge time, a 70% battery recovery on an overcast day, and have a life expectancy of 10 plus years.

They worked with some of the largest solar panel manufactures, battery manufactures and solar controller manufacturers to finally develop a range of products that work seamlessly together, are highly efficient and meet all the criteria. They even had a range of special LED modules made that are up to 70% more efficient than the current range of LED modules available today. 

OziRoo Pty Ltd was created to develop new and innovative ways to address the lighting requirements for billboards and road signs, single and double sided internally illuminated signs and illuminated panels and lights used in mass transit. The company specializes in the research and development of extremely efficient and affordable power and lighting solutions where conventional “grid connected” systems do not effectively work or where conventional power is not available.

The founders knew from the beginning that harnessing and storing and managing the power of the sun would be at the core of their efforts. The core technologies under the umbrella of the OziRoo are each custom designed to work together efficiently and in unison. The system is driven by a sophisticated software management and control program developed themselves. The custom configuration solar panels, high energy batteries, and modular luminaries are unique to OziRoo.

Connectivity is via 4g and 5g telephony and the elements are addressed by an easy to use yet sophisticated control panel. The OziRoo system can be monitored at will manually or automatically and re-programmed remotely. The internally developed components, custom software and housing design are proprietary and patented.