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OziRoo Wide Area Monitoring (WAM24+) System is a service designed to allow total control over power consumption and provide information regarding operational performance of remote assets in real-time.

Comprising of a hardware device(s) that is installed onsite and a cloud based graphical User Interface that monitors and manages the site.

Power Usage Comparison

Billboard Application


Lights           4 x 22w  = 88w

Hours                               12

Consumption             1056w

Saving                               0%

261w LED

Lights           3 x 261w = 783w

Hours                                  12

Consumption               9396w

Saving                               89%

105w LED

Lights           3 x 105w = 315w

Hours                                    12

Consumption                3780w

Saving                               72%

160w LED

Lights           3 x 160w  = 480w

Hours                                    12

Consumption                 5760w

Saving                                 80%

400w HID

Lights           4 x 440w = 1600w

Hours                                      12

Consumption               21120w

Saving                                   96%

250w HID

Lights           3 x 275w  = 750w

Hours                                    12

Consumption                9900w

Saving                               90%

Internally Illuminated Double Sided Light Box

WAM24+ – 32

Lights                            32w

Hours                               12

Consumption           384w

WAM24+ -32 vs Standard LED modules

Lights                              101w

Hours                                  12

Consumption               1212w

Saving                                69%

WAM24+ – 24

Lights                            24w

Hours                               12

Consumption            288w

WAM24+ 24 vs Standard LED modules

Lights                              101w

Hours                                  12

Consumption               1212w

Saving                               73%

Features & Benefits

Eliminate time clocks, photo-cells, night runs, maintenance spikes and freebee’s automatically.

24/7 Proof of Performance

Manage lumen degradation.

Plan when lights need to be changed.

Trouble Shoot Problems. 

Know what the problem before site visit.

Improve customer satisfaction


Reduce credits

Time clocks require attendance regularly to cater for seasonal changes, daylight saving and time slippage. 

Photo-cells are another failure point.

Night runs are a costly exercise requiring onsite visitation. Obviously they can only be undertaken at night and if a problem occurs after the inspection , then the fault won’t be addressed until either the next inspection or the Client complains.

Maintenance spikes are the result of the night inspections where all of the issues arrive at once. Eliminating these spikes helps resource assignment and cashflow.

Freebee’s are where the advertising contract has finished but the advertising remains until a replacement is installed and the lights keep running. 

OziRoo cloud based software replaces

  • Time Clocks
  • Photo-cells
  • Night Runs
  • Maintenance spikes
  • Turn off non paying Advertisers

Proof of Performance

OziRoo cloud based software provides

  • 24/7 proof of performance
  • Historic reporting
  • optional access for clients

Manage Lumen Degredation

OziRoo cloud based software

  • monitors lumen output
  • plots performance
  • determines when lights should be changed
  • maximises light performance
  • example


OziRoo cloud based software allows

  • automatic trouble shooting
  • email alerts
  • live troubleshooting

Improve Customer Satisfaction

OziRoo cloud based software allows

  • proof of Performance reports to ensue that the customer gets what they ordered.

Credit Reduction

OziRoo cloud based software allows

  • investigation of reported outages to confirm if lights are working according continually to operational parameters to reduce claims for non performance.

More Features

Remote firmware upgrading
Multiple communication options
Multiple sensor options
cross platform

AC or DC supply
Solar or Mains Connected
11 Years in Development
8 Years in the field
Over 54 million tests
Simple installation