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All in one

  • system contains all components internally except the lights arms.
  • light weight
  • no assembly required
  • minimum wind load
Plug n Play

  • ready to go out of the box
  • no electrical experience necessary
  • all cabling supplied
  • pre-programmed
Weather Tracking

  • ability to associate the OziRoo system with the local weather conditions for more accurate solar monitoring and planning.

  • simple installation
  • simple outward appearance
  • doesn’t look like a traditional solar installation

  • designed to capture more sunlight over a longer period of time
  • control temperature
  • has a 30% bigger capacity than its footprint
  • compact
Purpose Built

  • designed by sign guys for sign guys
  • field tested for 3 years
  • a team of 25 electronic, electrical and software engineers
  • full aluminium construction with marine grade stainless steel
Stealth Appearance

  • doesn’t look like a traditional solar installation
  • depending on the installation position it might not be seen from the ground
  • only has a small face viewable which doesn’t seem obvious
Real Time

  • different locations have different requirements
  • ability to operate independently of other systems
  • ability to do mass reprogramming on many different criteria
  • time zone sensitive

Local / Remote Control

  • onsite via mobile device
  • remotely from head office
  • control globally
  • various functions
  • ability to isolate any user

Design Criteria

  • it must have as good or better light distribution as grid connected light
  • it must protect the battery
  • it must be simple
  • cost effective

  • full aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • ip67 rated components

  • solar panels
  • battery
  • controller
  • battery management sysyem
  • load
  • communication
Matched Components

  • components are designed to work together
Highly Efficient

  • solar panels
  • batteries
  • charge controller

  • slave units
  • extra batteries
  • extra panels

The Ease of Use

  1. economical
  2. efficient
  3. environmental
  4. effective


  • drilldown on any OziRoo system.
  • check historic readings
  • check instantaneous parameters with or without load
  • check when the load came on, for how long and when it turned off
  • check  first and last parameters each day automatically
  • Track solar performance.
Onsite Diagnostics

  • turns load on
  • register support ticket
  • compare all systems
  • diagnose individual systems
Battery Protection

  • the battery is the most expensive component in any solar lighting project.
  • depth of discharge management
  • intelligent mode

  • simple
  • fast
  • all lights included
  • all cables included


  • The difference between monitoring and managing


  • manage permissions
  • manage access


  • Dr Kame Khouzam