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Why is Maintenance so Important.

Solar panels are made up from several layers of various materials as shown. Each layer has its own co-efficient of expansion and contraction. Let’s consider the what happens to the panel environment over time.

Climate – 

Regardless of where the solar panels are, the climate effects all layers of the panel at the same time and expansion and contraction happens slowly over the course of the day, month and years.

Because the layers heat and cool slowly and together, the heating and contraction of the layers is consistant.


Temperature –

Over the course of the day, the temperature warms up steadily and cools down steadily. This allows all of the layers to expand and contract together.

During a rain event, the temperature of the cold rain on the hot glass of the panel can cause rapid temperature changes causing the glass to cool fast while the lower layers are slow to respond thereby , over time, cause work hardening and failure of the circuits.

Cleaning – 

Over time, dust buildups on the surface of the panel which not only diminishes the efficiency of the panel but effects the rate of expansion and contraction of various layers. This differential in the rate of change can put stress and strain on the mircoscopic connections within the solar tile and cause work hardening and failure.

Birds – 

Bird droppings cause the temperature change under the dropping, to be at a different rate to the rest of the panel. This can cause a differential in the heating and contraction of the panel and in time cause failure.

Expansion And Contraction

Rapid changes in the surface temperature of the solar panel causes the top surface to expand or contract at a different rate to the under side of the panel causing a distortion of the panel. This distortion, over time, can cause work hardening or micro cracking of the thin metalic busbars. Invisible to the naked eye, these cracks cause on open circuit rendering all or part of the solar panel useless. 

Failure to conduct regular maintenance could significantly shorten the expected life of the panel and diminish its energy production capability.

Failure to maintain panels impacts the warranty.