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The E’s of the OziRoo System



The OziRoo system is an all-in-one prism shaped solar charging system initially designed for the signage industry. It has the ability to run external lights including specially designed floodlights for illuminating billboards, and both internal and externally illuminated light boxes. Inside the prism is the battery storage, charge controller and communications module. There is normally only 1 cable coming out of the OziRoo which is for the load. In most cases it is cheaper to install the OziRoo system than it is to get a licensed electrical contractor to connect grid connected power to the installation. The OziRoo kit includes the solar generator, lights and cabling. The only item not included is the light arms. Given that it is completely run on solar, there are no on-going power bills.It is very economical to buy, install and run.


The OziRoo system is incredibly efficient. It uses extremely high quality solar panels to convert as much solar irradiation into storable power.

The battery management system is specifically designed to manage the input and output currents and voltages of the charge controller thereby maximizing the charging of the battery and protecting the life of the battery.

The batteries are of the highest quality. They can accept readily the power from the charge controller. Nothing goes to waste. 

There are many solar charge controllers available and we have tested many. All charge controller are not the same. They all have different algorithms that dictate how the controller operates. What makes this different is that we have tested the best combination of components for maximum performance. 


The OziRoo system is completely solar reliant. It does not connect to the grid in any way at any time. 


The OziRoo system requires its own specially custom made LED light fittings. The operate on a different principle to the traditional LED. As such our LED won’t work on any other power supply and no other LED will run on the OziRoo. The end result is a system that uses up to 70% less power then normal LED’s. For 9 months of the year , there is not a problem with the available sun hours however in winter and extended bad weather conditions due to the lack of available sunlight , it is difficult to maintain continuous service throughout the night. The Intelligent Mode takes care of that. Fully automatic and customizable, it is designed to give the maximum illumination for the longest period of time based on the weather conditions whilst protecting the battery.


The OziRoo system has been developed by sign guys for sign guys. We understand the business.

Our goals are

  • to be as good if not better than traditional lighting
  • to keep the customer happy,
  • to help the customer grow their business, 
  • to grow the OOH industry,
  • to continue to explore the potential of micro solar systems