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The Cradle

A simple bracket made from steel angle with the toe pointed in. The OziRoo sits in the cradle. This allows for the bracket to be installed with or without the weight of the OziRoo.

The OziRoo is a complete system meaning that everything is inside the unit with only several cables coming out. 

The footprint of the OziRoo is approx 1500mm or 5 feet long and is 540mm or 22 inches wide. It is approx 330mm high or 14 inches.

The base weight is approx 25kg or 60lbs.

It is optional to increase the capacity of the battery. So the weight would need to be taken into consideration.





This is a 12m x 3m (40ft x 11ft) billboard.

It required 2 OziRoo systems. 

To install 2 cradles, 2 OziRoo systems, install the light arms, run and connect all cables and test was less than 90 minutes for 2 men on the structure and 1 on the ground.

Light Arms

Not part of the OziRoo kit

Arms should be 500mm or 20 inches above or below the sign face

Arms should extend 1500mm or 5 feet out drom the sign face

Light fitting should be set at an 40 degree angle